Here is the rough sketch I started out with for this drawing. Now that I look at it, the arm pose is really bad lol.   What I wanted to do is create an advertisement sort of image for the new Q&A section on this site.  So I'll post this on instagram one of these days.  I initially wasn't going to color this but halfway through, I decided I should.  I was reluctant only because of how long it takes me to color these things haha.  But I think I found a more economical way of coloring without going over the drawing.  Basically using Multiply layers, etc.  I primarily used the 2h pencil in Photoshop at 3px.  The resolution I worked in was 300 dpi.  This was a much faster coloring workflow. Might have to stick with something like this from now on!



Posted in Visual Development on July 12 at 01:43 AM

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