Drawing routine?

I often succumb to artblock and go long periods of time without drawing (outside of art class,) which I know is a horrible way to improve. Does anyone have a daily drawing routine that helps them get around a lack of inspiration?
Sarah Steele on July 11 at 01:20 AM in Visual Development
1 Answer(s)
I always draw after my daily waking up routine and before anything else. This gives me enough time to wake up while eating and things of that nature, but then gets my mind working before I actually get to work. It can be anything but just get some ideas out on paper or digital then move on with the day. It is sort of like clearing out the cobwebs in your mind.
Also I ALWAYS have a pocket sketchbook and pen on me, (even when I know I am not going to use it) and when I can help it take them out of my pocket before my phone if I have a spare moment. Even if it's just to doodle a smiley face it doesn't have to be a fully rendered drawing.
I hope this helps, all the best!
Steven Jase on July 11 at 05:48 AM