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For all newcomers to AB, this is a discussion thread to chat with fellow CalArts applicants, receive critique, and stalk the competition > 


Comment below and I'll add you to the thread's list. Including a link to a portfolio or blog would be cool if you're okay with people stalking your art  (don't pretend like you don't do it). I'm not much for hollow encouragement or speeches, but I'll do my best to keep the thread updated and organized.

If you see this thread before late April, consider applying to the CalArts Animation Residency from May 22nd to June 23rd. It is a story, drawing and design workshop that can help prep students for their application.

 There is also an online Portfolio workshop that starts in September:


Some FAQ:

-You can submit more than one sketchbook.

 -Cover Letters are generally 1pg - 1 1/2pg in length. It is okay to go over or under that limit.

 -The order you submit your slideroom portfolio and your online application in doesn't matter.

 -If you have applied to CalArts before, you need to create a new online application a with a different email.

-Experimental Animation applicants tend to receive their decision before Character Animation applicants.

-It can take several weeks after the application deadline for your transcripts to be marked as 'received' on the VIP checklist. Don't worry! A few days after you make the payment on your transcript, you should receive an email from the sending company confirming they have been received by CalArts. If you have this email, you are probably safe. (Note: This email can be different from the electronic receipt!)





[Notice of Delivery]



-Your decision will appear on your Portal Application page in March.



Fellow Applicants:

 Marco Aguilera

William Austin

Claire Berger

Stephanie Calo

Stacey Chen

Sam Chow instagram @samandtea

Jonah Cohen

Kyle Melendez Daigre

 Danica Day

 Anna Duck

Marco Elizalde Twitter Tumblr Instagram

 Aoife Ersoz

Michelle Jeon

 Rose Kang

Sidney Oung

Juhee Park

Jethro Tai

Melissa Tlascuapan

Briana Uchendu

Alejandra Uriarte

Victoria Villalta

 Claire Walsh

Vicky Wang

Samantha Sylvers

Uwais Wan Zulkifli

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