Hello all, I am Linda Dorn, currently a life drawing instructor at Calarts, and on the portfolio review committee. I will be available as a tutor here at Animated Buzz.


I am honored Mario asked me to contribute to Animated Buzz, I remember him as a student, working at the film library. Mario always worked hard, very focused, and with a highly valued friendly and positive spirit.

I returned to Calarts early last year after spending seven years in Hawaii where I created the animation program (major track) for the University of Hawaii. Before Hawaii I taught advanced animation at calarts for four years after graduating with a BFA in character animation and an MFA in film directing. I also worked on a few feature films and TV series, as visual development (Disney), character designer (Hyperion), sequence designer (july films), and animation layout (Futurama). I occasionally do freelance animation, but I’m expensive.

I just landed a literary agent for my children’s picture books, and I’m also preparing for a gallery exhibit of my oil paintings in September.

This summer I will be teaching life drawing and design for film for calarts summer session. I particularly like teaching this program because I see people evolve enormously in just a few weeks.

For me, calarts is about power. I developed skill that allowed me to do what I like, when I like. The studios are not for everyone, I value my time and a certain quality of life. I have turned down many offers people would kill for, and I admit it gives me a little rush. Right now, I love being in the palace at calarts every week, the creative energy is fantastic. Life Drawing is Bliss.

We are aware access to life drawing classes can be limited throughout the country. And the level of life drawing we expect to see in the portfolios requires time to develop. But when the passion is there people find a way, regular trips to the zoo, drawing in crowded places like the mall. The summer session is my opportunity to connect with people who do not have access to an environment that can truly challenge them. The acceptance rate of my summer session students into calarts has been astonishing. Empowered. That gives me a little rush as well.

The secret to being a strong artist, (and this is true for both fine art and commercial art), is the combination of life drawing + design = appeal. 

(The calarts summer session is open to any high school graduate with a small portfolio requirement. The session is full for this summer.)

You can see more of my work at


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