Wow I thought this shot was lost forever until I came across it recently in one of my folders!

After production on #princessandthefrogwrapped, the #animation crews were gearing up for Tangled on the #cg front and #winnietgepoohmovie on the hand drawn side. i did some quick #cgtestsaround that time to start familiarizing with #Maya but I knew I wanted to get better at #handdrawnanimation so I put everything I could into getting myself on the #pooh team. Yes in retrospect I kind of regret not working on #Tangled because it was amazing haha. But at the time I felt really strongly that I needed to improve my #2danimation skills because I thought #Frozen would be #handdrawn lol. So I showed this test to the #pooh directors, @stevehatguy and Don Hall, and was officially put on the team! This shot was helpful for me because there was a lot of slow subtle movement and tight #inbetweens which I didnt have much practice with.
Posted in Animation on July 19 at 01:08 PM

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