Animated scene from Calarts short film - "Them There Eyes"

I singled out this scene from my Calarts fourth year film because I had the most fun animating it.  I wish I could have tied down the film a bit more because as I look at it now, it's VERY rough.  But this shot in particular gave me a glimpse into how rhythm in a drawing can tie into the rhythm in movement and almost have a way of informing the animator of what the next drawing needs to be. There are times where I feel like the animation animates itself. It's kind of an illusive experience but I think all creative people experience this from time to time. It's the flow state, and there is nothing more fun than to animate when you are in that state.  How to get there?  Some animators can get there easier than others.  For me, it's very tough because I let stress and all sorts of other things get in the way a lot. Super annoying!  I think the key is to get into a place where you're purely having fun. Somehow block out the noise, and focus on something that is very fun about the shot you're animating.  If you can do that, most of the hard work flies by! 

check out the clip I'm referring to here:

And here is my fourth year film, "Them, There Eyes"

This was a very critical film for me. It was my fourth year and Disney was hiring for Princess and the Frog. I was extremely excited about Disney doing 2d animation again so I put everything into this film. It was pretty stressful with knowing what what on the line but towards the end of production, right before films were due I hit a very sweet spot with my momentum which allowed me to get my best scenes animated on this film.  Without them, I don't think I would have gotten into the Calarts Producer's Show let alone, the apprenticeship at Disney. I'm mainly referring to the shots towards the end of the film which feel more finished and fluid.   It was a pretty intense time in my life and I was so grateful to my mentors at the time, Bert and Jennifer Klein who walked me through the process of making this film. I'm still working with Bert Klein at Disney these days! We both made the transition to CG!  

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