So i guess this is now more a weekly thing than a daily thing like i originally planned. either way I have a new update for yall. This is a video that actually helped me tremendously.
This has helped me immensely, and is how i believe i will go about working on my drawing skills from now on. I will probably use this method to get my basic proportions and anatomy right, as well as become able to actually draw quicker. The problem with the new way of drawing is that while it is better in terms of proportions and it just makes hard poses easier to do, it also takes way longer to get a picture done. Thats a bad thing when you draw comics, or animate frame by frame. like i do. so this excersize is to help with making sure i can be as accurate as possible, while also being as fast as possible. 
now my plan is to first do heads. first from the front view like here. then from the 3/4ths view. then hopefully, the side view. after that i will then go back and do all the again, but this time adding more detail. ill keep doing that until i can both quickly and correctly draw heads. then im going to do the same exact thing with the body. I just want to make sure that i get a feel for getting the character to look like their proportions are alright. after im done with that i will move on to my other problems, and ill need completely different plans of attack when those come around, but ill figure it out when i get there. 
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