I just finished reading Natalie Nourigat's fabulous comic "I Moved to Los Angeles to Work in Animation" and it answered some big questions I had about portfolio material. I feel like it gave me permission to loosen up and invent more, so I'll be prioritizing that in future sketch outings.
But recently I've been trying to sort through my existing life drawing work to figure out what to include in my portfolio. I'm still a bit confused about whether I should be including initial gestures drawn from life, or just "enhanced" sketches based on moments I've seen...?

For example, most of the stuff in this album and the following is drawn from life in less than a minute:

These are gesture drawings that I inked right after drawing, while still watching the subject, so they took a little longer:


These more stylized/opinionated sketches were drawn in the moment, but they generally took 5 - 10 minutes to complete, based on a ~10 sec initial impression:

Finally, these three kittens were drawn in photoshop over the top of older gesture sketches:

 vs original gestures: 

Same issue with these, only using brush pen instead of computer:

I guess my question is about portfolio organization: what of the above actually counts as "Life Drawing", which 'style/type' should I be including to supplement a storyboarding portfolio, and how should I label it? I don't want to misrepresent stuff as life drawing if it's not...

And finally, here's a digital sketch I just drew over the top of that ballpoint sketch from the top of the post! Cleaning up the tangents in this one was ridiculous. I'm still not happy with that back arm...


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