Help today has come from my friend and fellow CCS'er Kevin Ingrassia. Two shots in my film require a moving or 3d background for tracing. One shot is a slow dolly in focusing on Emilio as the tension builds, while another is a fast truck back following the shock-wave of Emilio's massive scream!

To do this I require a 3d model of the Atrium in which the film takes place. I will trace the shot and add my characters to each shot. Kevin was kind enough to donate his time, and has already produced a great rendition of my films stage.

Big thanks to him, and added is a screen shot of his work.


3d shot of the Atrium


P.S. make sure to search for "My Dad the Giant" on or Indiegogo for a list of cool prizes you can recieve for helping this production.

Posted in Animation on February 09 at 05:06 PM

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