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  • This group is for anyone interested in work shopping their story reels, animatics, or film ideas!

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    Robert Laing
    Hey guys, first post here. I'm working on a little storyboard here for a short animation and I was wondering what you all think. It's meant to be just a short, lyrical, open ended narrative following the themes of nature vs. man-made, organic vs. artificial, and isolation. Any feedback would be awesome.
    • Nori Retherford
    • Robert Laing
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    So...Story Workshop guys. Let's get to it! I've been lurking around AB for sometime and have been waiting to see who might post any storyboards, 2 months later I'm wondering why there isn't any storyboards still (like I should talk lol) but then I went through everyone's profile, out of curiosity who my online classmates are. And...I hope it's not too forward of me for saying but I def feel like everyone here could use some resources to get better at this thing called Story. Because it is...  more
    • Mario Furmanczyk
    • Kat