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 Animatedbuzz was first created in 2000 by Mario Furmanczy. It first started off as a personal art gallery website but eventually became an artist forum.  While attending the Calarts Character Animation Program from 2003-2007, Mario wrote a journal/blog about his experiences as an animation student at Calarts. This journal attracted even more eager prospective animation students to the Animatedbuzz forums. At that time, Mario decided to convert the forum into a Social Network so artists can post and critique their art in a much easier way. 

 After graduating Calarts in 2007, Mario has been working at Disney Feature Animation Studios in Burbank CA as a character animator. He's worked on 2d and 3d feature films including Princess and the Frog, Winnie the Pooh Movie, Wreck It Ralph, Get a Horse, Frozen, Big Hero Six, Zootopia, and Moana. 
  It is Mario's hope that Animatedbuzz becomes a network that will allow artists all over the world to connect with not only other aspiring artists, but with industry professionals who can mentor and help integrate new talent into the industry and to improve the overall quality of animation throughout the world.

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