What is your ultimate goal?

Hey again! This is my second question haha, but I am just really curious to ask this to everyone on here!  
So I want to know what your ultimate goal in animation/film is. I'm just really curious to hear what it is that you are really exited to one day accomplish! Although I would love to work at Disney or Pixar, or even Dreamworks, personally that's not my end game. My ultimate goal is to form my own Pixar! My own studio haha. I want to build like a brain trust kind of team like at Pixar and start my own studio and be part of the founding team haha.
So what's your ultimate goal? It could be anything, I'm just really curious to hear it haha.
And also, if you have already reached your goal, what's next? I mean how does it feel after you have finally reached that goal? 
Obviously you don't have to answer haha but if you want to I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks! 
Josh Dawson on July 25 at 09:05 PM in Jobs /Career guidance
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Right now, my goal is to get accepted into Calarts and then *hopefully* land the Pixar internship. I'd absolutely love to work for Pixar, Disney, or Dreamworks, or even something smaller like a startup animation studio. My end goal is to one day (whether it be through another studio or one that I start myself) make an animated movie in sign language. ASL is one of my passions and I would love to make a movie like that so that somewhere in the world, a little deaf kid will feel as included as a hearing kid. I would also love to make movies about "controversial" issues, such as being transgender, being a woman in a position of power, things like that. 
For now, I'm just hoping that writing my artist statement for my Calarts application won't make me go crazy.
Shaye Tompsett on October 02 at 03:06 AM
My main goal career wise is to become an animator for Pixar. BUT my ultimate goal artistically is to tell great stories through my art. If I can make someone in the audience feel what my character is feeling and be emotionally moved then my job is done. Great question! 
Alyssa Quidachay on August 02 at 06:35 AM
Hey thanks Alyssa for sharing this! Those are awesome goals, keep on striving to reach them and they will happen!
on August 06 at 04:05 PM
I would love to just have a career in TV animation in general. I don't necessarily care about the studio, as long as I get to tell good stories and make great art, that's the best I can hope for. My ultimate dream is to be the kind of artist that others can depend on, and to be the kind of artist that others learn from as well!
David Amberg on July 31 at 05:35 PM
Hey thanks for sharing this David! Those are some awesome goals! Keep it up, you'll make it!
on August 06 at 04:02 PM
Great question!  
My ultimate goal was to work at Disney as an animator hahah.  So now the next goal is to just get as good as possible as an animator and since I never had the desire to create my own studio or even direct a movie, I"m pretty content with that goal. The other goal for me, of course, is to make this community grow and have it become a very popular and useful website for the animation community.  Let's see how it goes!  Seems like the most successful people in the world always have goals.
Mario Furmanczyk on July 25 at 09:29 PM
Hey thanks for the input Mario, I'm glad you accomplished getting the job at Disney and are pursuing new goals! I agree with everything you mentioned, thanks again!
on July 25 at 09:56 PM Edited
thanks for asking this question! I think it's a great one!
on July 27 at 01:32 PM
My dream has kind of two paths. I also would love to be a key player in owning a media studio. My biggest dream is I want to create great multiplayer video games that are family friendly. I am married and have two kids and would love a game that is morrally sound for my kids to play with, but challenging enough for me to be engaged by. But it seems games these days are either to violent or too boring. Or too violent and too boring! Right now I have an idea for a four player metroidvania style multiplayer game that I would love to see bear some fruit! Good question thanks for asking! 
Stephen Palmiter on July 26 at 09:42 AM
Hey thanks Stephen! And wow nice goals! I dig your vision haha keep on working towards it I'm sure you'll make it!
on July 26 at 08:36 PM