Collaborating with Composers

Hi everybody!
I'm wondering how you animators find people to collaborate with who create music and sound for your work. I'm a soundtrack composer, so I would love to meet up-and-coming animators who I can help. 
Any thoughts?
Caleb Winters on July 26 at 06:15 AM in Animatedbuzz
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Thats an interesting question. I went to Calarts and I know that many if my classmates would often collaborate with students from the music dept. that type of collaboration within a particular school would be expected but outside of school, a different strategy would be needed. You vould look into Its a social network designed to help and recruit artists to collaborate on animated film projects. I would also highly recommend goingto animation conventions like CTN and meet as many artists there as possible. Exchange social media information so you can be plugged into their network. Let them know that you do music etc so theyll know for future reference! Good luck and welcome to the site!
Mario Furmanczyk on July 26 at 04:03 PM
Hey Mario, thanks so much for your advice! I just made an account on Artella today and I'm already seeing some great work.

It's really nice that you're helping young artists. Much appreciated.
on July 27 at 03:34 PM
I've been looking for people to collaborate with too! Without much luck so I can't answer you question :( but I would love to stay in touch so if you ever need/want an animator! 
Stephen Palmiter on July 26 at 09:33 AM