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I would like to know how is a portfolio is suppose to look like for an animation job. I will like to see an example of a good 3danimation portfolio. thanks.
Ezequiel Medina on August 04 at 04:02 PM in Jobs /Career guidance
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So I just got back from SIGGRAPH and had a chance to talk to a lot of recruiters while I was there. (Disney, Pixar, etc) and they all are pretty much looking for acting. It sounds kind of obvious but they said they want to be surprised by what you give them and if you can make them feel something it's even better. One animator, I think, put it best and said: "we're all actors and you have to do something that makes you stand out". One thing the Disney recruiters said though is don't do what you think they want to see, just be yourself and show off what you can do and that your work will be better because of it.
Hope this helps!
Timothy Stringer on August 04 at 09:11 PM