What should go in your demo reel?

Hey I'm looking to start a demo reel and just add to it and improve continually. What kind of animations make a good demo reel? Like are their basics clips you just HAVE to have? and then a few extra just to show your creativity? And if I'm mostly interested in the animation aspect is it ok if I skip the coloring aspect or should I make sure I color all the clips in my demo reel? 
Stephen Palmiter on August 05 at 07:13 AM in Animation
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Hey Stephen, if you're interested in becoming a character animator, then the best thing to put into your demo reel would be performance shots and maybe some physical shots to demonstrate your understanding of physics and movement.  Performance shots can be any kind of pantomime shot or dialog test which shows the character acting. The key is to come up with interesting and entertaining ideas in these shots. Something that has a setup and payoff...like a gag of some sort.  Try to come up with sincere acting that shows the character thinking.  Choose acting choices that are unique to your character and show clear ideas which support what he's thinking.  You don't need to show a ton of shots.  I wouldn't even go over one minute in this demo reel.  One minute of animation which demonstrate the things listed above will be enough for an animation supervisor to determine whether you can be the right fit for their studio.  Good luck!
Mario Furmanczyk on August 05 at 08:47 AM
Your advice always rocks. I'm always grateful I clicked on that link on your insta profile! Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge! When are you going to launch the mentor program? And are you going to be one of them?
on August 05 at 09:25 PM
Hey Stephen, keep an eye out for it because it should be ready to go within a week or so! Been working on it! And yes I will be a mentor on it thanks!
on August 10 at 03:48 PM