Is it a good idea to take out student loans?

Hello, everyone! 
My question is about taking out student loans. I understand that schools like CalArts can help you achieve your goals faster because it makes it easier to reach out to the professionals in the industry. I also understand that how expensive it can be, especially for someone like me who doesn't already live in California. 
Is it a good idea to take out student loans? If not, what is the alternative way to reach out to professionals and getting your work noticed for job opportunities and internships?
Thank you.
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Hey Kasra, great question! 
Many students today are faced with this problem.  I decided to go for it and take out loans to go to Calarts.  In the end, I had 100k to pay off.  While it was a lot of money at the time, I think it was a worth while investment. The key early in your career is to invest highly in yourself. This doesn't just mean college education, but books, programs, memberships, subscriptions, etc.  INvesting in yourself will always be a great idea. 
The issue these days is that schools are getting insanely expensive. I think Calarts tuition has doubled since I was there in 2007. In this case, I don't think I would go for it because you're going to dig yourself in such an epic financial hole that it will be extremely hard to get out of.  Unless you can find some sort of financial assistance from the government or family, I would start considering alternatives like online animation schools or programs which can still get you connected to industry professionals at a much lower cost.  You won't get in such of a mess with debt but still yield some fantastic results as long as you work hard and commit. 
To sum it up, I would encourage investing in yourself but not if it's going to get you in 200k + debt!  So consider the online schooling alternatives because we now have the luxury of having that option available.  Hope this help!  Do you have any other questions about this?
Also, I should mention that this website will give you the opportunity to connect with industry pros as well for critiques/feedback etc.  So you might not need to get into any debt at all one day because the internet is making networking and learning so much more accessible to students all over the world. 
Mario Furmanczyk on August 31 at 08:17 AM