How do you time out your scenes?

Hi guys iI was wondering, how do you time out your scenes. Do you use a stopwatch or metronome.?? Let me know 
Daan Mac Gillavry on September 02 at 05:29 PM in Animation
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For my reference, I shoot myself and then in after effects add a frame counter, and I block out the action. When I go back and spline and use the retiming tool to get it to feel right! 
Timothy Stringer on September 05 at 01:26 PM
I act the shot and use a chronometer. After that, I animate and see what works and what doesn't and rework if needed.
vktoons on September 04 at 10:33 AM
Thank you so much!
on September 04 at 01:31 PM
Hey Dean, 
In my first rough pass, I'll block out the main storytelling drawings, playblast it, and then retime those main beats accordingly. It's mostly trial and error. You want to get an interesting sense of timing moving in and out of your main ideas. 
After that, I take reference of myself. This always gives me even more interesting ideas in terms of timing my acting ideas.  Once I have that rough blocking pass established, I'll put the reference away and see if I can continue to plus the timing by trial and error.  Tweaking the timing of your scene is something that you can refine throughout the entire animation process. Hope that helps!
Mario Furmanczyk on September 03 at 09:03 AM
Thank you so much that really helps a lot!!
on September 04 at 12:04 AM Edited