What do I put into an illustration portfolio?

Hey I would like to ask what is the real procedure to get into one goodart school abroad.
What do they see in the portfolio if I have to apply for illustration?
I badly need suggestions on how to get in by making a super good portfolio.
Thank you
Shreya Roy Chowdhury on September 11 at 11:31 AM in Art School
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Hello Shreya, I think every art school is looking for different things so I would encourage you to attend Portfolio Day sometime. All the colllges go to these events to get in touch with prospective studetns all across the US.  So you should visit.  
Calarts specifically will like to see a sketchbook, and a lot of life drawings primarily. They want to see a spark of creativity and design in your work as well as a solid understanding of fundamental drawing and observational ability. Good luck!!
Mario Furmanczyk on September 11 at 11:38 AM
There are many posts throughout this website about calarts. We have a Calarts 2018 applicants thread here http://animatedbuzz.com/topics/view/544/calarts-applicants-2018
on September 11 at 11:53 AM