Does CalArts obligatory to have a chance to work in studio like Disney, Dreamworks etc..?

Everything is in the question ! I would like to know if CalArts is obligatory to have a chance to work in these kind of studios, since a lot of animators are from there. I will never, ever be able to submitt to a school like CalArts (maybe if I sold my two arms and eyes, but it would be problematic isn't it  ! )
Thanks in advance !
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Also, it is important to understand, there are award winning independent filmmakers that come out of Character Animation and Experimental Animation Program at calarts where their focuses are to make original animated films that are personal and original. And many of those films have been making huge impact on not only animation festivals but also in the industry.
Will Kim on September 24 at 02:37 PM
Got it ! Thanks !
on September 25 at 05:23 AM
Hello! There is nothing that requires Calarts to guarantee internships or jobs for its students. Its all up to the student to take advantage of the resources calarts offers to make their career happen. so it would be a mistake to expect calarts to get you a job! Requires tons of self discipline and hard work to get a studio job!
Mario Furmanczyk on September 22 at 06:59 AM
Hi ! Got it ! Thank you for answering !
on September 22 at 07:04 AM