Knowing how to animate before college?

I've been planning on going to college sometime for animation (when my portfolio is good enough), but I haven't seen a clear answer for this question anywhere.. 
I've been doing some beginner animation practice, but I wonder if that's enough? Do most colleges (CalArts especially) want you to know how to animate before you apply, or is a strong background of anatomy and drawing good enough?
Kara Brownback on September 24 at 08:56 AM in Art School
Hi Kara , most animation schools don't expect you to know how to animate. However, if you have a good demo reel when you apply that can be a plus. What they really want to see are two main things. 1. Observational drawing skills (life drawing, animal drawing) 2. Story telling skills (comic strips, story sketches,etc) and there may be other things added to this depending on which school you are applying.

I have helped many students getting in or transfer to 4 yr animation schools like calarts...  more
on September 24 at 10:10 AM
Okay, thank you! I always wondered about that, but good to know

Now I know I need to get to work on my storytelling skills.
on September 24 at 10:14 AM
I had the same concern before going to animation school but they told me not worry about learning how to animate because that's why you go to animation school! haha. They would recommend focusing on your foundational, life drawing etc - but by all means, if you feel super compelled to start exploring the animation process feel free to do so! But certainly not required. It's so much easier now with a cintiq or ipadpro to just start putting some animation down quickly. If I had an ipadpro...  more
on September 24 at 10:48 AM
Thanks for the answer! And I definitely will be doing some animation experiments before I head to school, I can't wait to start.
on September 24 at 05:13 PM
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