Is... Is this a good idea?

Hello? I'm a 19 year old art student who is not enjoying ver career very much.... I really want to animate ir illustrator, but there are none schools that teach neither here. Fine arts is.... I don't like it very much, Even though I'm learning, I feel I could be enjoying something else much more.
I want with all my sould yo study at CalArts but I can't afford it.... And I know scholarships for international students are very límited. Would it be a good idea to drop out school... And go look for a Job on the US? I'm not sure at all, my country does not offer scholarships for art students in other countries.... Do you think it's a good idea? And where could I learn animation for a cheap/good price? Sorry if it's a silly question, here in Perú we dont have much placdd to study art, and much less animation.
Thank you very much (also not sure if this is a good category or not)
Alejandra Uriarte on September 29 at 01:22 PM in Jobs /Career guidance
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Hi Alejandra!
Art school in the US is extreeeemely expensive and the debt to income ratio can be a struggle (as my daily calls from student loan collectors tells me...)
Here is a link with several resources for getting an art school education without attending:
As for animation specifically, there are a lot of options. If you're looking at 2d animation, pick up Richard William's 'Animator's Survival Kit' and read through it all. Practice on paper. Try out the free trial of Toon Boom, or if you can afford it, pay the monthly fee for the minimal student program to practice.
If you're interested in 3D, you can download Autodesk Maya for free with a student email address. I did not go the 3D route in school, so I cannot vouch for any particular books, but I'm sure a quick google or amazon search will turn up some good choices.
In the end, studios look at your demo reel, not your degree. Hope this helps!
Vee Eaton on September 30 at 11:07 AM
Thank you very much! I've seen that page before and found it very useful but... In the end, my parents still want me to persue a career. I don't like fine arts. We don't have charaxcter designg courses here, or storyboard, or story creationg things... We just do... Rhe classical, and I'm not very comfortable with that,

Is it a good idea then? I mean, to stop studying, go to the US with no career? (Once I feel confident enough with my art and that)
Because even if I were to take many CGMA...  more
on October 01 at 06:52 PM