Do you have any advice on how to write an artist statement?

Hi Mario! Quick question for ya... Do you have any advice on how to write an artist statement? The problem I'm running into is that I simply don't know if there is a good reason for me to create art other than the fact that it is the only thing I have ever been good at/interested in. I am applying to Calarts so if you wouldn't mind also looking over some of my stuff, I'd appreciate any and all constructive criticism! Thanks 
Shaye Tompsett on October 01 at 03:52 AM in Art School
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Hey Shaye!  I dug up some good notes from Benny about this subject!
Benny Toeppe Hey! Honestly this is a guess, but we're both in the same boat so I wanted to give some input. On the application website they list off these:
What inspires you to make your art?
Why are you applying to the Character Animation program at CalArts?
What are your artistic goals?

I would totally just jot down some answers to those questions to start. Make sure they are relatable to both you and your reader(high concept stuff, like something a lot of people can feel close to their heart). They're actually really hard questions, so I wouldn't feel bummed about not knowing right away. I've also been thinking about it, and I think its good to think about those things since its a big life decision when you go there, or to any college in general. Once you got those, you're gold, you just have to kind of build your writing from there. Having flow to your ideas, I'm guessing, shows story telling capability, or at least good writing skills. I would also have the answers wrap together in some way to form cohesiveness! I think if they wanted something really specific, like a specific length, they would have said something about it, but like I said, that's just a guess! Hope i helped with all of my guesses haha  
Mario Furmanczyk on October 02 at 02:44 PM
Thank you Mario! That is actually super helpful. Once I get it all written out, would you mind critiquing it for me before I submit it? I appreciate your help
on October 02 at 04:48 PM