Industry Animator or Online Reviewer (or both)?

Hello, i have an industry-related question. I want to work in an animation studio. I also want to make an online review series where i talk about animation and make top 10 lists. Now, one of my friends told me i shouldnt because studios dont want their employees to criticize their products. What are your thoughts on this?
Charles Moss on October 04 at 05:51 PM in Jobs /Career guidance
1 Answer(s)
 Hey Charles, I think that it might be problematic if you have a reputation of being super negative about the studios. It's going to be tricky because the way to get more attention is to say controversial things. But the industry is kind of tight knit and small, just so you know. You might need to keep that in mind!  But I do believe you can make it work. It really depends on your personality and how you present your reviews.  good luck man!
Mario Furmanczyk on October 06 at 02:14 PM