What happened to this site?

So I had saved a bunch of Calarts accepted sketchbooks and portfolios from 2016 and a couple from 2017 to my Chrome bookmarks. A couple days ago I noticed I couldn't access them; instead, I just get an error message saying it was not found on the server or something. I managed to search and find ONE of the accepted portfolios from 2017(which now had a different URL), but nothing else.
What's going on? I liked seeing the different accepted portfolios from different years, and figuring out the trends of Calarts (it's mostly been getting less "academic" over the years and more design-y, I feel). Did they have to be removed because the server couldn't handle so much data or something? (I have no idea how servers work...) Nothing comes up even if I search "accepted calarts portfolio" or the like.
Also I've noticed the layout of the site changed, and I'm seeing a lot of "nbsp;" or whatever all over people's posts and comments...does that have something to do with this?
Michelle Jeon on July 13 at 05:44 PM Edited in Animatedbuzz
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Hey Michelle, sorry about that but I had to completely change the entire platform that runs this site because of the massive issues I was having with site loading speed and general bugs. THere are tons of new features which I will be developing on top of this base website. I needed the foundation to work very well and very fast but that meant that I unfortunately needed to sacrifice a lot of the content and URLS from the other website.  But if you really need access to some of that content, go to http://www.dev1.animatedbuzz.com/  That is a backed up version of the last site. I will keep it up for a while just in case.  You should be able to find everything there. Let me know how that goes. 
Mario Furmanczyk on July 13 at 06:54 PM Edited
Ohh, I see. That's too bad. I was able to find everything by just adding "dev1." after the "www." in the links I had saved. I just downloaded some of the portfolios I like looking at, so I can just have the inspiration on my laptop. Thanks for the explanation!
on July 13 at 11:25 PM