commenting on topics??

I'm super excited to talk with other students that are applying to calarts, but when I look at the topics, and click on one, there isn't a submit button for commenting. The text box is there and what looks like might be a space for a button on the right, but no button! I just created an account on this site, so I'm a bit new and slightly oblivious to things in general,can someone help me out? where is the submit button for commenting on topics? Do I need to do something special, hitting enter doesn't do anything for me  
Thanks and sorry if this is a dumb question! I know the site is getting a major rehaul, so it might not be working for me or something. 

Benny Toeppe on July 16 at 06:54 PM in Animatedbuzz
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It seems to be working for me. Can you give me the link of the topic?  Please check again.  I think I made some adjustments. There may have been some issues with permissions, etc.  Let me know if it works now!
Mario Furmanczyk on July 16 at 09:15 PM
Hey, I've checked again. It seems to be on all topics, not just the calarts one. Instead of submitting the text as a comment when hitting enter, it just adds an enter as text (like a paragraph break). Thanks for helping!
on July 17 at 07:13 PM
So it's still not working at all for you? I wonder why it seems to be working on my end and not yours. can you confirm that it's still broken? There should be a button you press to submit a reply
on July 19 at 01:28 PM
Hey Benny, try deleting your browser cache and cookies. There might be some conflict there. Let me know how it goes!
on July 20 at 02:04 PM
Hey guys, I'm having the same issue. I use Chrome and the "post" button doesn't show up when commenting on images, albums or topics. However I can see the red "comment" and "share" buttons here and on people's timelines. I've tried deleting my cache.
All of these buttons do seem to work in Internet Explorer.
** Edit: Sort of related, the "Mark all as read" option in the notification feed also work in IE but not Chrome
on July 24 at 11:37 AM Edited