Hi! My name is Ale and I'm a fine arts student who wants to study anmation once I finish my career here in Peru... (was studyig aniamtion, but the only school that teaches was... I don't really want to talk about it u_u)
My question is, does calarts offers more scholarships than the one I've heard they give you when you enter? Merit/nessecity based? I would have gone and study animation right away but... I can't afford it (without getting an almost 200k usd debt aaaaand that's not a good idea..)
Since I live in a not very rich country, even when my mother has some money (and can pay practically every school/university here) we still can't afford education on the US...
Is still my dream, and I want to enter in the animation industry and CalArts but.. q-q
So, does someone knows that? D: I'd be so gratefull if you could tell me about that, or which other options I have.
Thank you and have a great day
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