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Greetings! I'm Vaggelis Karadimas (vkttons)

Hello! I'm Vaggelis, I live in Athens Greece and I'm trying to animate in 2D in Greece. it isi difficult for many reasons, yet, I try.
I'm self - tough animator (I'm afraid yet to call myself an animator, yet I cannot find another proper term), I've studied history and archaeology and  I have a PhD in history of animation (I try to input elements of my studies in some of my works). I'm disabled (not a heavy case). Oh! I started reading at the age of 3,5, because I wanted to read the subtitles in the cartoons (we used subs back then smile 
I've participated in some festivals with some short, given a few interviews, worked in an multi-award winning claymation film ("Ethnophobia" by Joan Zhonga), I've created some online series, I was mentioned (as vktoons) in Animation Magazine (it was an article about Greek animation), I've teached kids in elementary schools and I'm a member of asifa hellas. And I'm really glad I became a member of Animation Buzz!
That's all I guess smile
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