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Nori Retherford
I just saw Stephen King's "It" last night! I don't really watch horror movies, and this was the first I've ever seen in a theater, so that was interesting. I've also never read the book or seen the TV adaptation. I thought the cinematography was gorgeous and I was shocked by how sentimental it was. I think the sweetness of the movie made a nice contrast for the horror sequences and it was definitely fun to watch these kids ride around on their bikes and work together. Major "Stranger Things" vibes.
All the sequences with the clown were really cool, but not scary. Maybe it's my fault - horror tends to break my suspension of disbelief and make me laugh, and I like creepy stuff anyway. And clowns are funny, not scary.
The sequences with the teenagers and adults were way freakier. I'm wondering if that has something to do with the overall theme.
I didn't really understand the ending... I get that the little brother was dead... So were all the floating kids dead? Were they just left in the sewer? I expected a little more resolution there.

Have any of you seen it yet? What d'ja think?
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