Hello, my name's Camille and I aspire to become a charadesigner and then create my own movies in a brand new studio. My favorite type of animation is stop-motion. Welp. That's it. Huh, now, I suppose I can give you some of the artists that influenced my art : Dr Seuss, Tex Avery, Laika studios, David Etien, Carlos Borras, Arthur De Pins and a lot more ! So, I'll tell you a bit about my personal work, if you will. I already have my own little universe with my own characters and also the start of a storyline to go with all that. My main OC is Camille aka Cook', he's supposed to be a sort of alter ego so I feel particularly close to him. Anyway, I have some other project beside this one (some less personal ones).
I think I'll leave you with that and, please, feel free to talk to me, I don't bite. I only want to progress, alright.
Well, farewell, everyone ! :v) 
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