Simultaneous Online Pre-Colleges

I want to apply for two online summer pre-colleges (RCAD and Calarts), but RCAD overlaps the Calarts one for 3 weeks. I really, really want to do them both though. Has anyone ever tried and/or thinks it's doable? I don't care for long nights or you know, sleep by the way. 
About RCAD precollege: PreCollege is synchronous – you must attend during class time EST. Classes will be recorded for you to reference as you like after class, during the program. Assignments in morning core classes are completed in class. There are not outside of class assignments for morning core classes. Afternoons are dedicated to immersions in the majors. Assignments are given to work on outside of class, and Open Studio hours are required in part and optional.
and about Calarts precollege: Portfolio Development Workshop class sessions and critiques are not live streamed. You are free to access the class materials each week at your convenience. You will work on your assignments on your own time and upload them to the class module on Access, a CalArts online learning platform, by a set deadline. At the end of the week, the instructor will give you direct feedback on submitted assignments with video critiques. Lectures and video critiques are pre-recorded.
Thank you so much for anyone who helps! 
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