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    Majiqmud Peter
    'Dalili' - A Griot (African) Animated Short Story.
    1 Minute Preview on April 2 2019.Character Name: J* GIRLYoung African, navigating through life
    under the beautiful African sky …
    while dealing with a quandary …
    that’s uniquely African....  more
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    Majiqmud Peter
    'Dalili' - An Animated Short Story.

    ‘DALILI’ is an animated griot (African) story that follows the lives of two young Africans, as they navigate through life under the African sky, while dealing with a quandary … one that’s uniquely African.

    Its our first in-house project ... long hours, lots caffeinated drinks.
    Check out a 1 Minute Preview of 'Dalili' on April 2 2019
    on our vimeo channel:

    More info and updates on 'Dalili' Short Film
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