Walks and loops

This is a compilation of some my 3d animations made in my spare time. No specific goals, just for fun and experiments with movements, mood and temper. I didn't spline it, and this is a final versions. But this is not kind of blocking+ I just wanted to keep 2d feeling like on 1's and 2's. Hope you like it =)

Used rigs:
Body Mechanics Rigs by Joe Daniels @joedanimation - artofjoe.blogspot.com
MeryProject https://www.meryproject.com
Mr Buttons Rig https://www.bloomsbury.com/cw/cartoon-character-animation-with-maya/student-resources/mr-buttons/
Fly by Truong CG Artist https://gumroad.com/truongcgartist

Music: preview of Cheerful Irish Pub by jekarecords
Posted by Alexander Savchenko in Animation on May 25 at 06:40 AM  ·  Public

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